Calorie Analyzer

With the calorie analyzer you can calculate the amount of calories, fats, carbohydrates, proteins contained in foods and ready meals free of charge. This will allow you to control the calorie content of each individual meal with high accuracy.

Product Weight, g Protein, g Fat, g Carbs, g Calories, kcal
  Total: 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
  Total per 100 grams: 100.00        

Calorie table abbreviations

  1. Product - name of the product or dish whose caloric value is to be determined.
  2. Weight, g - weight in grams of the product (dish).
  3. Protein, g - the amount of proteins in grams contained in a given weight of the specified product (dish).
  4. Fat, g - the amount of fat in grams contained in a given weight of the specified product (dish).
  5. Carbs, g - the amount of carbohydrates in grams available in a given weight of the specified product (dish).

How to use the calorizer

To calculate calories with an online calorie calculator, enter in the appropriate boxes:

  1. Name of the product or dish.
  2. The weight of the product or dish in grams.

As soon as you type the first letters of the name, a drop-down box with hints will open. If there is a product you need in our database, you can simply select it from the list.

As soon as the name of the product and the desired weight are specified, the data will be automatically calculated. The results will be shown in the table.

The “Add new product” button opens the next line for calculating another product. In this way, you can enter several names without deleting the previous ones and calculate their caloric value in total.

The online calorie calculator will instantly calculate and provide you with information about the amount of calories, fats, carbohydrates and proteins in the specified product.

Example of calorie calculation by calorie analyzer

Let's assume that you are preparing pilaf. The following products are taken: pork - 0.6 kg; carrots - 0.5 kg; rice - 0.5 kg.

We make the calculation in the calorizer table.

  1. Enter the first product, indicating the weight in grams.
  2. Click on the button under the table “Add new product”, and in a new line specify the second product and its weight in grams.
  3. Again click “Add new product”, in the next line enter the third product and weight in grams.
  4. Let's see the results of the calculation.

Calorie analyzer

The line “Total” will show the total amount of substances. If the total weight of our products is 1600 grams, their caloric value is 2506,6. All products are taken here together.

The line “Total per 100 grams” shows the calculation of the calorie and substance content found in 100 grams of these products combined.

The way it used to be

Nowadays, calorie counting is automated. The caloric content of all products is calculated and entered into special tables. But people started counting the calories of food products more than 100 years ago. How did they do it?

In the past, the so-called calorimetry method was used. This method is based on complete combustion of food in a closed space and measurement of the heat released. The fact is that calories during combustion convert their energy into heat energy. The higher the temperature during combustion, the more calories the product contained.

To make the combustion more complete, the food was dried beforehand.

At first, the temperature was measured primitively - with a thermometer. It is clear that there was no accuracy of measurement. Therefore, a device with a built-in temperature sensor was invented.

Later, the Atwater method came into use - calorie tables were made. Analyzing the combustion of products, it was noticed that 1 gram of protein contains on average 4 calories, carbohydrate - also 4, and in a gram of fat 9 calories. This is why Atwater's method is also called “4-4-9”. Based on these observations, the tables were compiled.

The Atwater method was the basis for the development of modern calorie analyzers.

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