Seaweed salad with eggs

Seaweed salad with eggs

A very healthy, and also tasty salad of sea kale with eggs is prepared in a matter of minutes. As a basis, you can take not only pickled cabbage, but also dried or frozen. Such a simple recipe diversifies the home menu, although the salad can also be put on the festive table, enriching the taste with crab sticks, cucumber or green peas.

Cooking time: 10 minutes.

Servings: 4.

Calories: 168.


  • pickled seaweed - 180 g (net weight without marinade);
  • eggs - 4 pcs;
  • white onion - 30 g;
  • thick mayonnaise - 55 g;
  • salt, pepper - optional.


1. Prepare a list of products for making seaweed salad with eggs. It is better to cook mayonnaise on your own, in olive oil - seafood is especially tasty with this sauce.

ingredients for cooking seaweed salad with eggs - photo step 1

2. Hard boil chicken eggs. This will take 8 minutes.

boiled eggs - photo step 2

3. Throw the pickled seaweed on a sieve so that all the liquid comes off.

pickled seaweed - photo step 3

4. Cut the onion into thin strips.

chopped onion - photo step 4

5. To soften the taste of the onion, pour boiling water over the chopped onion as in the photo below. So the onion will become softer and not be so burning.

pour boiling water over the onion - photo step 5

6. Transfer the cabbage to a deep container, where to add the onion.

sea ​​kale and onion - photo step 6

7. Cool the boiled eggs in cold water. Set aside 2 yolks to decorate the salad, and cut the rest of the eggs into thin strips (the yolks, of course, will not hold their shape, but the protein strips go well with thin strips of seaweed).

chopped boiled eggs - photo step 7

8. Add eggs to a common salad bowl.

cooking seaweed salad with eggs - photo step 8

9. Mix everything gently.

cooking seaweed salad with eggs - photo step 9

10. Put mayonnaise, freshly ground pepper. This sauce will immediately give the salad a unique taste.

cooking seaweed salad with eggs - photo step 10

11. Once again, mix everything gently.

cooking seaweed salad with eggs - photo step 11

12. Finely grate the set aside yolks - they can decorate the finished dish.

grated yolks - photo step 12

13. Seaweed salad with eggs is ready. You can eat it simply with bread or put it as an appetizer for any dishes. Try it and be healthy!

Seaweed salad with eggs