Snack pie with onions and melted cheese

Snack pie with onions and melted cheese

A snack pie with onions and melted cheese is a godsend for every housewife. Such a pie will be a great addition to a family dinner for first courses, it will help out during the day for snacks. And on the festive table will be a real decoration.

This fragrant, satisfying, delicious pie is prepared simply, and from quite affordable products. First you need to prepare a delicious shortcrust pastry. The dough can be prepared in advance and sent to the refrigerator for at least two hours, and preferably at night.

For this snack pie, we offer to prepare a very tasty, fragrant and unusual filling. None of the guests will even guess what it consists of. The pie looks yummy too.

Snack pie with onions and melted cheese

Cooking time: 90 minutes.

Servings: 10.

Calories: 156.


  • onion - 4-6 pcs;
  • eggs - 4 pcs;
  • melted cheese - 4 pcs;
  • salt, ground pepper - to taste;
  • dill, parsley - to taste and desire;
  • vegetable oil - for frying.


1. For the filling you will need onions, take four large onions or six pieces of medium size.

onions - photo step 1

2. Cut the onion into half rings as thin as possible. Immediately on the board we separate it into strips.

onion half rings - photo step 2

3. Onions must be fried. We heat the vegetable oil in a frying pan, pass the onion over low heat until transparent. Add salt and pepper to taste.

fried onion with spices - photo step 3

4. You will also need four processed cheeses. Curds should be creamy without any flavors.

four processed cheese - photo step 4

5. Grind the curds on a coarse grater.

grated processed cheese - photo step 5

6. We shift the finished onion into a deep bowl.

fried onion - photo step 6

7. Immediately, while the onion is still hot, add the chopped curds to the bowl.

cooking a snack pie - photo step 7

8. Using a wooden or silicone spatula, mix the products until smooth. It turns out a homogeneous mass. At this time, the filling should be tasted for salt and pepper, if necessary, add spices. Set aside the bowl to cool down to room temperature.

cooking a snack pie - photo step 8

9. Drive four eggs into a separate bowl, salt and pepper.

cooking a snack pie - photo step 9

10. Beat the eggs simply with a fork, there is no need to beat into foam. Finely chop the parsley. Also, dill greens are perfect for the filling.

cooking a snack pie - photo step 10

11. Add greens to the egg mass, mix.

cooking a snack pie - photo step 11

12. Add the egg mass to the cooled curds.

cooking a snack pie - photo step 12

13. Mix into a homogeneous mass. Since the mass now contains raw eggs, it is not advisable to taste it. Therefore, we recommend doing this before combining cheese curds with raw eggs.

cooking snack pie - photo step 13

14. We take out the dough prepared in advance from the refrigerator.

dough - photo step 14

15. We take out the dough from the bag and roll it slightly into a sausage. Visually divide the dough into three equal parts, but cut off only one. One third of the part was put aside for the time being, and we continue to work with the remaining piece.

dough - photo step 15

16. Sprinkle the working surface with flour and roll out the dough into a rectangular layer three to four millimeters thick.

roll out the dough - photo step 16

17. You will need any form for baking. Round, with a diameter of twenty-four or twenty-six centimeters. Or, as in this example - oval, it will also be beautiful. Transfer the rolled out dough to the mold. Gently spread the dough along the bottom and sides, try not to stretch the dough, but the dough should close the sides well.

cooking a snack pie - photo step 17

18. Carefully transfer all the filling into the mold. We evenly distribute the mass so that it fills the entire space. Set aside the form with the filling.

cooking a snack pie - photo step 18

19. Roll out the remaining dough of the same thickness as the first layer.

cooking snack pie - photo step 19

20. With the prepared dough, cover the filling in contact so that there are no voids. The test should be enough for the sides. We simply press the dough against the sides with our fingers, in this way we fasten the two layers of dough together.

cooking a snack pie - photo step 20

21. We remove excess dough from the sides, it should be level, as the dough will fall during baking.

cooking snack pie - photo step 21

22. By this time, the oven should already be preheated to t-170 ° C. Top-bottom mode. Bake the cake for thirty-five to forty-five minutes. Five minutes before readiness, the top of the pie can be covered with a beaten egg. You don’t have to do this, the cake turns out to be ruddy and appetizing in a homely way.

cooking snack pie - photo step 22

23. Snack pie with onion filling is ready. Sprinkle with sesame seeds if desired. Serve chilled or slightly warm.

Snack pie with onions and melted cheese

24. In the context of the cake looks great too. In a homogeneous mass, the presence of onion is not even visible, since it is transparent, and processed cheese is also not visible. We achieved this thanks to the fact that still hot onions were mixed with cheese.

Snack pie with onions and melted cheese

I recommend baking the "Snack Pie with Onions and Melted Cheese", even those who categorically do not like onions will like it. And you will definitely be asked to cook such a pie again and again.