хлеб с базиликом

Basil bread

Home baking is a healthier alternative to store-bought baked goods that contain ingredients we don't know. In addition, when baking bread and buns on our own, we can introduce various natural additives, spices, green spices, pieces of vegetables or hard cheese into it. Created by my own hands from the ingredients available for each, it will help you get enough and get gastronomic pleasure.

Bread with basil at home turns out to be incredibly tasty, satisfying, with a pleasant, rich aroma.

Due to the fact that the composition of the blank includes fast-acting yeast, the blank does not require preliminary preparation of dough, which significantly saves time on the creation of basil bread.

If you want to speed up the process of preparing the dough, you can send it to the “proofing” in the oven, turning it on at 40-50 degrees. After 30 minutes, it will grow significantly in volume and will be ready for further processing.

Cooking time: 130 minutes.

Servings: 7.

Calories: 246.


  • flour (300 grams);
  • water (160 ml);
  • salt (1 tsp);
  • basil (2-3 branches);
  • granulated sugar (1 tsp);
  • oil (25 ml);
  • fast-acting yeast (5 grams)



1. Pour the oxygen-enriched flour into a bowl of a suitable volume. Add sweetener and salt to the mixture.

flour, salt and sugar

2. We combine dry products and add chopped basil leaves to the mass. We use a plant of any shade.

add basil

3. Add yeast. They will help us quickly increase the size of the workpiece.

mix flour with basil

4. Mix the ingredients and pour the warm liquid into the bowl.

5. Add vegetable oil. We can replace it with a stick of softened butter.

приготовления теста

6. We collect products in a homogeneous lump and leave for 55-60 minutes.

dough with basil

dough with basil

7. We beat the dough increased in size several times with our hands, form a loaf and spread it on a mold covered with fat. We send the basil billet to the oven (180 degrees). We are waiting for 50-60 minutes.

dough with basil

8. Cut the cooled bread with basil into slices, serve at any time.

bread with basil

bread with basil