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Sochniki with cottage cheese

Sochniki with cottage cheese

Dessert familiar and beloved by us since childhood - sochniki with cottage cheese. According to the classic recipe, sochniki with cottage cheese just melt in your mouth. Prepare quickly and easily.

The result will delight you and your loved ones.

Cooking time: 60 minutes.

Servings: 28.

Calories: 288.

Cuisine: Ukrainian.


For dough:

  • flour - 480 g;
  • sour cream - 200 g;
  • sugar - 200 g;
  • yolk - 1 egg;
  • butter (soft) - 100 g;
  • salt - 1 pinch;
  • baking powder - 1 tsp

For filling:

  • cottage cheese (9% or better - homemade) - 350 g;
  • protein - 1 egg;
  • sugar - 3 tbsp;
  • sour cream - 1 tbsp;
  • flour - 1 tbsp;
  • salt - 1 pinch.
  • for powdering - powdered sugar.


1. We start preparing the dough. We prepare all the ingredients according to the list. Be sure to sift flour with baking powder.

dough ingredients - photo step 1

2. First we will mix sour cream, sugar and salt.

sour cream, sugar and salt - photo step 2

3. Mix the products until smooth with a whisk.

dough preparation - photo step 3

4. Add flour with baking powder to liquid ingredients. Knead the dough step by step. The dough should be soft.

dough preparation - photo step 4

5. We round the finished dough, leave it in a bowl. Cover the bowl with cling film. Set aside while we prepare the filling.

dough - photo step 5

6. We begin to prepare the filling. We prepare products according to the list. Butter should be taken out of the refrigerator in advance.

filling ingredients - photo step 6

7. Put the protein in a bowl, add salt to it, mix the mass with a whisk. Then add sugar. Mix until the sugar dissolves. Add cottage cheese to the bowl, begin to mix the mass with a fork. It is not necessary to beat the curd mass with a blender, otherwise the mass will become very rare, and for the sochniki, the filling should keep its shape. We also add flour and sour cream to the curd mass.

preparation of filling for sochniki - photo step 7

8. We proceed to the formation of sochniki . Divide the dough into two equal parts.

dough - photo step 8

9. We round one part and put it aside, roll out the second part into a thin layer about five millimeters thick. Cut out blanks for baking with a glass or a round shape.

cooking sochniki - photo step 9

10. The blanks are ready, we remove the excess dough, it will still be useful to us.

cooking sochniki - photo step 10

11. We visually divide the workpiece into two parts, put one spoonful of filling on one, leave the second empty.

cooking sochniki - photo step 11

12. Cover the curd filling with an empty half. You don’t need to press it down, just “cover it”, press the edges on the bend on both sides a little.

cooking sochniki - photo step 12

13. We shift the future sochniki onto a baking sheet with parchment paper. If your paper is not oiled, I recommend doing this so that our pastries do not stick to the paper and can be easily removed.

cooking sochniki - photo step 13

14. By this time, the oven is heated to t-180 °, top - bottom mode. Bake for twenty five minutes. We make sure that the sochniki with cottage cheese are reddened, but not burnt. The sochniki are baked to a pleasant, golden crust, let them cool and sprinkle with powdered sugar. For a glossy surface, before baking, the sochniki can be covered with whipped yolk, but this is optional.

Sochniki with cottage cheese

Ready-made according to the classic recipe, we serve the sochniki with cottage cheese to the table with tea, milk, cocoa. Sochniki are tasty and healthy pastries, as they have curd filling, and cottage cheese is very healthy.

Sochniki with cottage cheese

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