Печенье из кукурузной муки с семенами льна

Corn flour cookies with flax seeds

A simple and affordable recipe for a relatively healthy dessert. It is perfect for tea, as a snack on the road or to work.

Corn flour makes crackers more crumbly and airy, and flaxseed enriches with a whole range of useful elements, being a recognized "superfood" - a source of valuable dietary fiber, omega-3, B vitamins, phosphorus, selenium, magnesium and other trace elements.

With cornmeal corn flour cookies with flax seeds, even a beginner in working with dough will cope.

If we exclude sugar from the list of ingredients, we get a salted cracker that can be used instead of bread for first courses.

As an additive, not only flaxseeds are suitable, but also sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, dried fruit pieces, various nuts, or mixtures thereof.

Cooking time: 20 minutes.

Servings: 3.

Calories: 346.


  • corn and wheat flour - 110 g each;
  • water - 100 ml;
  • vegetable oil (without a bright taste and aroma) - 4 tbsp;
  • flax seeds - 5 tbsp;
  • dough baking powder - 1 tsp;
  • sugar - 3 tsp;
  • salt - 1 tsp without a slide.

Ingredients for cornmeal cookies


1. We place two types of flour, baking powder in a container, mix (preferably with a whisk) - this will saturate the mixture with oxygen and evenly distribute the components.

making cookie dough

2. Mix water and butter with salt and sugar, after dissolving them, pour into the prepared flour mixture. We knead the dough. It should come out obedient, soft, not sticky to your hands.

making cornmeal cookies

3. Pour the remaining ingredient - flaxseeds. Knead until the seeds are evenly distributed.

making corn flour cookies with flax seeds

4. On baking parchment (you can also use a silicone mat), roll out the dough into a 2-3 mm thick base. We decorate cookies at will and inspiration - it can be cut into rhombuses, triangles, squares, stripes, circles or any other shapes.

making corn flour cookies with flax seeds

making corn flour cookies with flax seeds

5. Place the blanks in the oven and bake for fifteen minutes at 190 degrees. You should be guided by the type of baking: if you prefer a crispy cracker, hold it longer until the products are saturated with a golden color, and if you like soft and delicate cookies, remove from the oven as soon as the edges become rosy.

Corn flour cookies with flax seeds

Cookies made from cornmeal with flax seeds are ready. Enjoy your meal.