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Salad «Minute» with smoked breast

Salad «Minute» with smoked breast

If only 30 minutes are left before the arrival of the guests, and there are all the necessary products at home, you will have time to prepare the Minutka salad with smoked breast and serve it on time. This dish is perfect for the daily menu. If you don't have chicken breast, other meats or sausages can be substituted, but the combination of flavors will be slightly different. Salad «Minute» with smoked breast, tinted with sourness of tomatoes, gives a special flavor. This dish deserves to be one of the first on your menu list.

Cooking time: 30 minutes.

Servings: 4.

Calories: 163.


  • smoked chicken breast - 200 g;
  • boiled chicken eggs - 3 pcs;
  • cheese - 100 g;
  • tomatoes - 3 pcs;
  • mayonnaise - 70 g.
  • green onions - 15 g.


1. We prepare the necessary products. We clean the chicken eggs from the shell. Wash tomatoes and green onions under running water.

ingredients for cooking minutka salad with smoked breast - photo step 1

2. Rub boiled chicken eggs on a vegetable grater.

grated boiled eggs - photo step 2

3. Pass hard cheese through a fine grater.

grated cheese - photo step 3

4. Cut the smoked chicken breast into small cubes.

diced smoked breast - photo step 4

5. Also cut the tomatoes into small cubes. You can remove seeds from tomatoes beforehand, or you can not do this.

chopped tomato - photo step 5

6. Grind green onions.

chopped green onions - photo step 6

7. Let's start shaping the salad. For this we use a confectionery ring with a diameter of 16 centimeters. Put the grated chicken eggs in the first layer and evenly distribute them inside the ring. Cover generously with mayonnaise.

cooking minute salad with smoked breast - photo step 7

8. Next comes a layer of diced smoked chicken breast.

cooking minute salad with smoked breast - photo step 8

9. Put the diced tomatoes in the next layer.

cooking minute salad with smoked breast - photo step 9

10. Cover a layer of tomatoes with chopped green onions.

cooking salad minutka with smoked breast - photo step 10

11. The final layer is grated cheese.

cooking salad minutka with smoked breast - photo step 11

12. Salad «Minute» with smoked breast is ready. We decorate the salad, remove the confectionery ring and serve.

Salad «Minute» with smoked breast

Cooking video

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